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Dinning Table Round-up

October 4, 2016


With Canadian Thanksgiving just days away, I’m in a panic to finally decide on a dinning table.  Since having my place painted (embarrassingly nearly four months ago!) I’ve been struggling to make a decision.  So it’s been months of eating on the floor or my one chair in the living room (still waiting for my custom sofa to arrive).  If you read my post on The Joy of Less, you know that I’ve been relishing all this room to create, which may have perpetuated my indecision.  But enough, is enough, time to make a decision.

I’ve finally narrowed it down to a colour: white; style: modern … or maybe traditional; shape: round.  So I thought I would round up some of my favorites and have you guys help me decide!  What do you think, which is your favorite?


  1. Armidale Dinning Table
  2. Saarinen Tulip Table
  3. Otago Dinning Table
  4. Lucerne Dinning Table
  5. Florence Dinning Table
  6. Compass Dinning Table
  7. Parketon Pedestal Table

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