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A Parisian Brunch

April 30, 2018

a parisian brunch

There are only a few things I love more than brunch – my family and friends, design, travel … but then, it’s definitely brunch. Especially when you find a great new restaurant that specialises in brunch Lynchburg based or similar. In fact, I’ve often joked that if I do ever get married, I’ll serve brunch at the reception!

Why the intense love for Brunch? It always feels a bit classy and special – the bubbles probably have something to do with that 😉 The food options are literally doubled – breakfast and lunch to choose from, depending on the mood. And it usually lingers into the early afternoon. Rarely is anyone ever in a hurry to leave.


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Thanksgiving Tablescape

October 2, 2017

thanksgiving tablescape


I must say writing a post about a tablescape in the days after the horrific violence in Las Vegas and Edmonton and what feels like weeks of devastation and destruction, feels frivolous and superficial. And while I’m not sure what would be an appropriate post to write, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my deep sadness and send thoughts of love and prayers to those affected in particular, but all of us really.  I honestly have no words.


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Moroccan Outdoor Movie Night

August 14, 2017

outdoor movie night

Like the famous Peter Allen song, Everything Old is New Again, things have a way of coming back into style. We see it in fashion and home decor all the time, but it happens in the way we live as well – record players are hip and outdoor movie theaters are all rage. From drive-ins to backyard viewing, watching movies outdoors is a major summer-time phenomenon. Outdoor cinemas seem to be the cheaper alternative to home cinemas, which is the most appealing choice, rather than the outdoor cinema. People who are interested in home cinemas need to think about, what speakers they need to use (where they can get help for this from websites like TechCrackBlog) and multiple other things that make the experience more enjoyable. If you have the money to afford a home cinema, get it! You won’t regret it! However, here is a cheaper alternative that anyone can do on their patios or in their backyard.

But if like me you lack a backyard or yard space of any kind, the thought of creating an outdoor movie night might seem unlikely. If you read my post on inner city outdoor entertaining, you know that I’m all about embracing our spaces and making the most of them. With a little creativity and friends who are always willing to play along (#blessed), I created a Moroccan inspired outdoor movie night in the courtyard of a friend’s condo complex. My friend told me about piratebay proxy to make sure I can enjoy free movies with computer security, it’s pretty cool! Proxies are able to hide IP addresses, making it appear that you’re in a different location. This tricks some websites into thinking that you’re searching from somewhere else, allowing you to bypass geographical restrictions. Maybe more people should consider visiting to get a proxy. That will allow us to access so many movies! Hopefully, we’ll be able to watch a selection of movies, from Pixar to comedy! Every movie night needs some Pixar movies somewhere, everyone loves them and they’re so easy to watch and follow. I did recently see that a survey had been done where people ranked their favorite Pixar films. That could help people determine the best movies to watch, ensuring that you end up watching a great movie! Anyone interested could always click here to see those movies ranked. That should allow you to easily pick a great movie. No movie night is complete without a Pixar movie, so make sure to find one of the best ones to watch.


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