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Hudson Grace

April 7, 2016


I always tell people, my brother lives the exciting life – having spent two years in Manhattan and now in San Francisco – his is definitely the more exciting life!  While I reside in subdued Calgary, I enjoy the perks of having a place to crash in a city I’ve grown to love, almost more than New York!  Words I never thought I would say!

What’s not to love about San Fransisco? Views of the bay, amazing food, no need for a gym membership (the hills are killer!), world class wine just a short drive away, and the weather – sublime.

On my recent trip to SF, I was intentional in not overbooking myself, I wanted to have time and space to explore the city as I wanted.  Which naturally resulted in an afternoon of discovering gorgeous interior design and decor shops in the incredibly stylish Presidio Heights.  While there was so much to take in, including a shop devoted entirely to ribbon, can you imagine!  My favorite discovery was Hudson Grace.


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Chiang Mai

September 8, 2015

Travel inspiration - Monks walking outside a temple in Chiang Mai

The beautiful walled city of Chiang Mai is located in the mountainous north of Thailand.  It is the second largest city in Thailand, after Bangkok and for many travelers a gateway to trekking, rafting, elephant riding and hill tribe visits.


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The Amalfi Coast

June 4, 2015

Italia, simply put is spectacular.

With the awing inspiring ruins of Rome, fashion forward cities like Milan, picture-worthy Piazzas in every town, and the life inspiring vineyards of Tuscany, there is no shortage of amazement and beauty.  And I didn’t even mention the Pizza!  Perhaps the most inspiring and spectacular part of Italy, is the magnificent Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region.

The first stop for most on the Amalfi is NAPLES, which many write off as a dirty, tattered and unruly city.  But look past the grit and grime and you’ll uncover one of Italy’s most artistic cities, full of breathtaking frescoes, sculptures, and palaces.  And the food!  Naples serves up some of Italy’s best food, especially pizza, which in and of itself makes it a must for your Italian itinerary.



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