DIY Advent Calendar

November 12, 2014

While many are shouting ‘too soon!’ I have to exercise great restraint not to jump head first into holiday crafting, décor, and baking come November 1st!

But it is now nearly the middle of November, so I feel it’s okay to start with the holiday crafts!

First up, my take on the Advent Calendar. The tradition actually dates back to the mid-19th century, when German Protestants made chalk marks on doors or lit candles to count the days leading up to Christmas. They’ve evolved quite a bit since then to include quite traditional variations that include religious images or stories each day leading up to Christmas, to the more secular and fun variations that offer chocolate or candy.


My take is easy to make and allows you to fill each day with whatever you wish – chocolate, candy, a thought or quote, a toy, the sky’s the limit really. A friend made one with different handmade wax melts for each day which I think is a lovely idea.


I simply used decorative twigs and branches that I found at a craft store (you could easily collect them on a walk through the forest and then spray paint them whatever color you wanted), small gift bags, a single hole punch, number stickers, and ribbon.

Arrange the branches in a container of your liking, perhaps a planter or urn, I found a large silver vase and it worked perfectly.

Label the bags 1 through 24, and get to work filling them with fun treats. Then fold the tops of the bags over, hole punch them, string the ribbon through and tie it in a bow or a simple knot as I’ve done.

Now you’re ready to start ‘decorating’ your ‘tree.’ Quick tip: work backwards! Since the bags will be opened 1 through 24, it’s best to place the higher numbered bags lower down the tree, that way, you (or whoever is opening each day’s bag) won’t have to move other bags out of the way to get to the one intended for that day. And viola!

PicMonkey Collage

A modern take on the Advent Calendar!

Not into the Advent Calendar? No worries, the branches can be dressed with ornaments for a modern, space saving alternative to a traditional Christmas tree!


Both make fabulous hostess, house warming or just because gifts.


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