Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10

April 8, 2019

Happy April!  Who else is shaking their head wondering how the heck we got here so quickly?!  They say the key to slowing down time is getting present and living in the moment.  Not always an easy thing to do.  Here’s some motivation to slow down and take a breath – this weeks Tuesday 10 round up.  A diverse collection of links that have me thinking, coveting and inspired.

  1. Outsourcing adulthood?
  2. Modern day Disney Princesses – yes please!
  3. Obsessed with these. They’d make the prettiest Easter Hostess gift 😉
  4. The simple way to combat negative thinking.
  5. Decorating mistakes that reduce the value of your home.
  6. Prepare a delicious dinner without dirtying any dishes!
  7. The best place for affordable and stylist art.
  8. Why decorating your home is good for your mental health.
  9. For those of us that work for ourselves, by ourselves, this is an important distinction.
  10. The trend I’m loving at the moment.

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