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2016 Trends I’m Loving

January 13, 2016

A New Year invariable means new trends in fashion, diet, lifestyle and of course decor. I’ve spent the last few weeks mulling over the top 2016 Interior Design Trends and here are some of my absolute favorites.

2016 Interior Design Trends Source

2016 Interior Design Trends Source

2016 Interior Design Trends Source

Black Metals

I have loved the mixed metals (brass, copper and gold) of the past few years and truth be told, I’ll never entirely give up on gold accents (I’m East Indian after all), but black metals are definitely having a moment – from faucets to bed frames to appliances. Black is chic as ever.

2016 Interior Design Trends Source

2016 Interior Design Trends Source

Mexican Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern look has been trending for a few years now, but in 2016 we’re seeing an emphasis on Mexican Mid-Century Modernism. While the styles vary greatly from simple modern tropical wood design to intricate and sophisticated gilded metal, the common thread is the use of indigenous woods, iron, caning, and rush. With a concentration on craftsmanship.

2016 Interior Design Trends

2016 Interior Design Trends Source

Scandinavian Flat Weaves

Scandinavian design has been on trend for many years, and rightfully so, it’s the perfect bridge of simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Designing a home with high-energy value windows allows you to have huge window space but without the risk of losing heat, creating a functional yet magnificent display. Big windows also encourage a lot of light to come into your room, brightening the space and adding a finishing touch to your Scandinavian design. 2016 sees the trend continue with an emergence of Scandinavian Flat Weave Rugs. With elegantly balanced geometric compositions, these rugs are a sophisticated answer to the omnipresent neutrals and sisals. The restraint of Scandinavian design works with both contemporary and traditional interiors. One of my friends has recently had some renovations completed at her home in Canada in this Scandinavian style. She showed me some photos and told me “We called corefront for our Calgary home renovations and they’ve done an excellent job interpreting our brief”. I’m so envious that I’m already planning ways to incorporate some Scandinavian chic into my own style.

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