Ginger Mezcal Cocktail

September 20, 2017

ginger mezcal cocktail Fall’s sudden and somewhat abrupt appearance has me craving all things warm and cozy.  And while it’s the season of pumpkin and spices, I’m mixing things up with a lemon and ginger mezcal cocktail.

Lemons may not be the first ingredients to come to mind for a fall inspired cocktail, but they offer a freshness that pairs perfectly with the heat of ginger and smokiness of Mezcal. Although both tequila and mezcal come from the agave plant, the flavour profile is distinctly different.


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Tips and Tricks

The Fifth Wall

September 13, 2017

the fifth wall

If I had my way, I’d paint every client’s walls white, or an ever so soft grey.  Perhaps in a moment of daring, a deep saturated blue.  If you’re not ready to commit to painting an entire room, how about just one wall? Or more specifically, the fifth wall?

That’s right, one of the easiest ways to make a statement and add drama to a space is to paint the ceiling.  Too much?  Stick around and I promise I’ll have you reconsidering by the end of this post.


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