Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10

February 11, 2019

This weeks Tuesday 10 round up of links comes to you from the most grateful heart.  Last Thursday night, I walked into water leaking from the unit above my condo.  Mops, buckets and three days of non-stop fans and dehumidifiers (which I stubbornly chose to stay home and endure), and my ceiling is dry and safe.  With only a few unsightly water marks to be painted over.

While the noise and heat of the fans and dehumidifiers was annoying, I couldn’t help but be overcome by gratitude. Since the damage was confined to the main living area, my bedroom and office where dry and cool, making it easier to stay home. This was a working weekend for me, so hunkering down in the office was exactly what I needed to do.  And with earplugs, falling asleep was no problem.  Had I not been stubborn, there was no shortage of family and friends offering to take me in.  It was hard not to feel so blessed in amongst the chaos.  So much so that I had to share with you 🙂

And with all that time at my computer, coming with my favourite links for link the week was a breeze!

  1. Even without the water damage, last week was a challenge. Tech issues, mis-communication that lead to mis-understandings, it was tough.  Having recently read this book, I realized pretty quickly that the chaos I had called into my life, was me sabotaging myself on the heals of a couple of incredible opportunities.   Have you ever done that?  We hear so much about success being in the work, and there is a tremendous amount of work involved. Just as important as the outer work is the inner work – preparing to receive that success.  Like so much in my life, that continues to be a work in progress 🙂
  2. Following up on that, a surprisingly inspiring and oh so endearing interview with non other than Jackson Maine, aka Bradley Cooper. I didn’t think it was possible, but I adore him even more.
  3. Have you heard about deliberate practice?  I first read about it in Grit and have been fascinated ever since.
  4. The weather alone in Calgary is reason enough to get in the car and head south, this just may be a little extra incentive.
  5. With a big birthday just a few months away, I’ve become really interested in aging well.  As a late bloomer, I feel like I’m just getting started, so I want to make sure I’m around long enough to squeeze as much out of this one life.
  6. An easy trick to get you out the door quicker in the mornings
  7. A fun recipe to try this Valentine’s Day
  8. And because ’tis the season of flowers, some of the prettiest floral arrangements I ever did see
  9. As a single gal, my girlfriends are everything. I love this list of ways to celebrate the women in our lives.
  10. Continuing with the theme of love, I love this idea of creating a lifestyle that loves you back


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