Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10

January 28, 2019

How are we into the last week of January??  Normally January drags.  Normally weeks last forever and it isn’t until March that time speeds up.  But 2019 is different.  January has flown by in a blur!  And I’m already starting to feel a bit of panic about the year going by too fast.  So this weeks Tuesday 10 includes links about slowing down and savouring the little things mixed in with the usual tid-bits of fun 🙂

  1. Simplify and maximize with advise from Warren Buffet.
  2. The art of giving.
  3. I can’t seem to get enough of soups and stews lately, this is the one I’m trying next.
  4. The material that’s poised to make a come back in interiors.
  5. I am constantly taking screenshots of books to read, restaurants to try, podcasts to listen, fabric sources, and so much more – but when the time comes to try one, I can’t seem to find the shot.  This app, along with the five others, could just be the ticket to keeping me organized and efficient.
  6. Using this list to help me plan my trip for the year.
  7. The end of an era.
  8. Mindfulness made easy.
  9. The coziest winter wardrobe piece I can’t stop thinking about.
  10. Joy in the ordinary and my new favourite word.


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