Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10

February 3, 2020

And just like that the first month of 2020 is behind us.  I like much of the internet felt like January lasted forever.  But in the same breath I can’t believe it’s February!

As I flipped to a new month, I couldn’t help but feel like – okay, now it’s time to really get down to business.  January offers a bit of a leeway to ease into things, but by February it’s time to get serious.  So much so, I finally took down my Christmas tree this weekend!  I had taken down the decorations at the start of January, but the light of the tree at night wasn’t something I was ready to part with. February’s arrival made it feel like it was time. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

I’m kicking off the new month with a new list of links that have me inspired, thinking and smiling. Enjoy!

  1. The creative woman behind my latest jewelry obsession.
  2. Five fun ways to learn something new this year.
  3. Saul, my crush forever.
  4. It’s about that time when the winter blues can start to hit, here are 10 date night ideas, to combat those blues.
  5. If like me you’re a lover of traditional design, here’s a collection of simple tricks to get the look no matter where you live.
  6. This may be my new favourite banana bread recipe.
  7. A lesson in furnishing your home in secondhand finds.
  8. Sparking joy and curbing envy.
  9. Speaking of joy – this.
  10. Nine habits for a happy home.


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