Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10

March 16, 2020

My gosh, what a difference a week can make.   Our casual conversations about the Coronavirus last week seem like a lifetime ago. So much has changed.

As a former healthcare worker, my thoughts are with those on the front lines and those who do not have the privilege to work from home.  While blogging and sharing pretty images feels frivolous, with so many of us doing our best to stay home and self isolate, the idea of our homes being safe, happy and inspiring is more important than ever.  So I’ll continue to blog and share posts the inspire hope and offer a little distraction during these challenges times, like today’s Tuesday 10.

Stay safe, stay smart friends.
xx Neelam

  1. Why social distancing is so important.
  2. Nine things to do while social distancing.
  3. Easy and impactful DIYs to keep yourself busy.
  4. How to help others amid the Coronavirus pandemic.
  5. A little dose of calm.
  6. How to prevent loneliness while practicing social distancing.
  7. Journaling prompts to get you out of your head.
  8. The best comedies on Netflix right now.
  9. Quarantined Italians send messages to themselves 10 days ago: What they wish they knew then.
  10. The book I devoured over the weekend.


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