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fig frangipane tart


Fig Frangipane Tart

July 12, 2017

It’s my favorite time year!  And not only because it’s summer, which has been splendid so far, but because it’s fig season! Sadly like all good things though it’s a very short season and they’ll be gone before you know it! I may have been a little overzealous in my shopping for figs.  If you follow me on social media (which you should ;-)) you’ll notice a lot of them on my feed this week!

To be honest I was a little unsure of them until a couple years ago, but since then have fallen in love!  They are perfect in a rustic crostata like this, a fancy Fig Frangipane Tart like I’m sharing today, or with a little goat cheese and wrapped in prosciutto.


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