DIY Wreath

December 8, 2015

IMG_5955 - Version 2

This year I chose a holiday colour theme of rose gold and gray.  While I was absolutely thrilled to find ornaments and decorations in this colourway, finding a wreath to match was a bit more of a challenge.  So I decided to make one!

This DIY is super easy, a great way to spend an evening listening to Christmas carols and sipping on hot chocolate.  I will warn you though, it did require a lot of ribbon – I used about 10-12 rolls!  But with 70% discounts at  Michaels Stores, it was fairly inexpensive to create.

I started with a wire ribbon wreath.


Then started tying ribbon in an alternating pattern around the inner two rings.  I cut my ribbon in 8-12 inch long pieces and used the gray, white and lace ribbons for the first two rings, as I had the most of them and they were the least expensive.  I chose ribbon without wire because I liked how it fell.

On the third ring I alternated the bronze ribbons (try as I might, I couldn’t find rose gold ribbon, so bronze was close enough) with a thicker white ribbon with wire.  This I thought would help fill out the wreath.


And then finally on the outer wreath I tied more of the white wired ribbon and filled in the wreath with more gray and lace ribbon.  Once hung, it does require a little tszujing and you may need to fill it in with more ribbon.  But really, this wreath could not be easier to make!  And it can be adapted to any occasion – Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, you’re only limited by the ribbon you find!


Do you make your own wreaths?  I’d love to hear how you do it!

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