DIY Placemats

August 25, 2016


I would never claim to be on the cutting edge of … anything … least of all style … but I do have a radar for what seems to be trending and lately that’s pom poms! Have you noticed? They’re everywhere – in fashion, home decor and even shoes! While I can’t ever imagine incorporating pom poms into my wardrobe, I do like their whimsy in home decor. Hesitant to commit to something like a pillow or throw embellished with pom poms, I almost leapt when I saw these DIY Placements on Sugar and Charm, I knew they were the perfect way to incorporate this trend into my decor for summer entertaining.

You could call my version a Sugar and Charm Hack, I used placemats I found at SuperStore and Heat’n Bond to save myself from sewing, making this DIY super easy to do!

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You’ll need:

4 Placemats
Roughly 4 yards of pom pom edging
Heat’n Bond


Start by cutting the required lengths of the edging and Heat n’ Bond, I just lined them up with the placemats and cut them to length.

Place a strip of Heat n’ Bond on the first edge, paper side up. Iron for 1-2 seconds on silk setting. Allow to cool before removing paper backing. Good quality Adhesive should appear milky in colour, shiny clear adhesive is a sign of overheating. I recommend using an adhesive product like Sugru, but any brand will work just fine. It’s not the end of the world if the glue overheats happens, it may have happened to me ;-), you’ll just need to iron the edging for a little longer to allow it to attach.

Place the edging over the adhesive and iron for 8-10 seconds – you find you need to iron a little longer depending on the thickness of your edging. I found it helpful to press the edging into the adhesive with my fingers after ironing. Repeat around the placemat until all sides are edged with pom poms. And there you have it, a whimsical addition to any table setting!

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