Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash

August 26, 2016

plum and thyme prosecco smash

This summer has definitely been about mixing cocktails with herbs: basil, mint, or thyme – I love them.  They add an earthiness and just enough flavour to a cocktail to make it special.  And because I love words and will never tire of it’s ‘thyme’ for a cocktail, this week I’m kicking off the weekend with a Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash.

As a kid I loved plums, I could eat them by the bowl full, but for some reason over the years, they’ve fallen out of favour for me.  I seem to pass them by, choosing peaches or pears instead.  But a few weeks ago I came across a version of this cocktail and was inspired to combine a childhood favorite with my grown-up favorite – Prosecco 😉  While my copious love of plums hasn’t quite re-emerged, this cocktail is delicious and one I’ll enjoy again and again.  It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend or enjoy a Sunday brunch.  Cheers!


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DIY Placemats

August 25, 2016


I would never claim to be on the cutting edge of … anything … least of all style … but I do have a radar for what seems to be trending and lately that’s pom poms!  Have you noticed?  They’re everywhere – in fashion, home decor and even shoes!  While I can’t ever imagine incorporating pom poms into my wardrobe, I do like their whimsy in home decor.  Hesitant to commit to something like a pillow or throw embellished with pom poms, I almost leapt when I saw these DIY Placements on Sugar and Charm, I knew they were the perfect way to incorporate this trend into my decor for summer entertaining.


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Teriyaki Pork Chops with Blueberry Relish

August 23, 2016


Brace yourselves … I’m offering up a savory dish today! Shocking I know, since I’m known more for my love of baking and sweets, but let’s be honest, cookies, cakes and tarts a diet does not make! As much as I wish they did!  Not to worry, these Teriyaki Pork Chops with Blueberry Relish are yummy, quick and easy – great for a weekday dinner.  The sweetness of the blueberries balance the heat of the Serrano chilies perfectly and since it’s a lean and healthy meal, you can justify a cookie, slice of cake or scoop of ice cream for dessert 😉

While this recipe is super simple, there is something about pairing fruit with a protein that instantly elevates the meal.  Quite honestly I was being over run with blueberries and wanted to switch things up so I thought I would try my hand at something savory. Enjoy!


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