Inspired Interiors

July 27, 2016

inspired interiors

Brooklyn has come a long way from it’s dodgy hip hop past.  It is now one of the trendiest boroughs, with Brownstone lined street and many up and coming businesses and trendsetters choosing to lay roots amongst it’s uber cool urban vibe.

This glamorous apartment throws a gentle nod to that culture and vibe, but let’s the decadent decor, dessigner furniture and subtle femininity do most of the the talking.  Needless to say, I am swooning over this weeks addition to the Inspired Interiors series.


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Lavender Honey Popsicles

July 25, 2016


Every Sunday when I go over to my parent’s place for dinner, I eye a stunning lavender bush out front, debating taking a cutting or two. For some reason I’ve resisted, until this past weekend. Why I waited so long, I’m not sure!  With this one simple cutting, my place smells amazing and I’ve been inspired to explore what I could do with lavender, which is when I discovered these Lavender Honey Popsicles.  Don’t they sound like something you’d find at the best spas in the world? Don’t be fooled – they are incredibly simple to make, and just as divine and healthy as you’d expect.

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know I’m not shy about baking indulgent delights, but in the summer months, I find myself craving lighter treats, perhaps it’s the lighter layers and sleeveless tops 😉


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Powder Room Wallpaper

July 21, 2016

powder room wallpaper

As my clients will tell you – I love wallpaper.  I simply cannot get enough and use it in nearly every project I work on.  The reason is simple – there are SO many amazing papers out nowadays, we’ve come lights years from the papers of the 70s.  Without investing a lot, you’re able to add interest, texture and colour to a space, which allows money to be invested in classic and timeless furniture pieces.  With advancements in designs and textures has come improved application – easing the fear of commitment and allowing you to go bold!

One of my favorite spaces to experiment and have fun in is the powder room.  As the saying goes: good things come in small packages, so why not use the paired down proportions of a powder room to express your bold side?

I’ve pulled some of my favorite looks for a powder room below.  Which is your favorite?

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