February 22, 2016


J. R. R. Tolkien wrote Not all who wander are lost in his poem All That is Gold does not Glitter for his infamous fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. And while in the book it refers to the wanderers who were often thought of as vagabonds, their wanderings actually protected those who judge them, from evil. Their wanderings were useful.

Since first hearing that line many many years ago, it has stuck with me. I’ve always been a wanderer – explorer, adventurer, dreamer. And truth be told, I’ve judged it harshly. Often blaming it for my lack of focus, drive or success in certain aspects of my life.

But as I’ve gotten older and embraced my wandering spirit, I’ve grown to love it and have an immense gratitude for it. It is because of this spirit I have had the courage to explore my curiosities. To grow. To push. To leap. To create.


Without this spirit I would not have traveled all over the world from South East Asia to Africa to South America and in between, mostly on my own. I would not have added nutrition to my pharmacy training for a more holistic understanding and approach to wellness. I would not have launched a juice cleanse business and then had the courage to walk away from it, and pursue what lights up my soul, what has always lit me up – decor, food and writing. I would not have created this platform.

In a world which will lead you to believe A + B = C (money) + D (success) – it can be hard to have a wandering spirit. To be creative. To leap. Your process and formula may look a little different. Your measure of success may be different. This is not to say that creatives won’t find money and wealth, only that sometimes creative expressions require more persistence and faith. Success may be based on the joy of creatively expressing yourself as a side hustle, trusting until it becomes your main hustle. For example, in the industry of stock trading, someone may begin with learning something like how to buy stock in amazon and other big companies until they get experience in the market and become a professional in the stock market. They can then use that new financial foundation to go on trips or express creativity. Investing can be considered a gamble as if you’re placing a bet at or similar sites and hoping it increases in value. However, as long as you keep your head calm and don’t put down more than you think you can get out any unwanted outcomes shouldn’t cut into your success. This is similar for gambling and even all trades, if you start with something small it can grow into something big! I know a few people that have invested in Bitcoin as they haben Bitcoin Trader getestet which can invest money for them. People invest in that cryptocurrency because they believe that their investment will grow over time and they will have made some money. To ensure they do get a good return on their investment, a lot of people do use Zipmex to try and earn more money. That’s one way of growing the investment into something bigger.

Hopefully, more people will be inspired to start their own side hustle. The ones above were just examples and there are many different kinds of hustles to choose from.

So wander, explore and create friends. Life is too short not to.


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