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What to See and Do in Mexico City

November 8, 2018

what to see and do in mexico city

When it comes to choosing travel destinations, for me the more off the beaten path and gritty, the better. And if that destination happens to be in a Latin American country – bonus! Nothing turns me off more than hordes of tourists and line-ups. So it should come as no surprise that my latest travel adventure took me to Mexico City.

We (a group of five friends) booked a flight with a commercial airline and honestly, I was a tad unhappy about the journey. Firstly, we had to wait at the long line for the security, and secondly our flight got delayed. I am personally not a fan of sitting at airports. Hard-luck though! Prior to booking my flight tickets, some of my friends also recommended private jet charters . From their positive feedbacks, I got to know that it is possible to hire a budget-friendly private jet. Alas, I missed on the opportunity to travel in comfort.


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