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Design Roundup: Fall Decor

October 5, 2020

design roundup: fall decor


Fall is most definitely in the air and while I do love this time of year, up until now it’s been a bit of an anxious love – a reminder that winter is just around the corner.  The angst is compounded by the fact that in recent years our falls have been so short lived and usually punctuated by a brutal snow storm.


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Design Roundup: Burl Wood

April 15, 2020

Sometimes the most beautiful things are those that are less than perfect.  There’s probably a life lesson in that statement. But I’ll save that for another day.  Today I’d like to focus on burl wood, which is just that kind of thing.  The intriguing, kaleidoscopic swirls are actually due to a mutation that causes an outgrowth of a tree trunk after some form of stress.  The resulting marble like effect is striking while adding a beautiful depth and sense of calm to a space.  Burl wood is the perfect mix of rustic vibes and modern elegance and I can’t get enough. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite burl wood accents below.


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