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2018 interior design trends

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2018 Interior Design Trends

January 3, 2018

2018 interior design trends

Happy New Year Friends!

I’m not sure why, but it seems that with the flip of the calendar, comes a whole new set of trends. Trends in fashion, food, and of course home decor. While I’m not one to follow design trends, favoring instead to create spaces that are classic and timeless – the kind that allows my clients to grow and adapt.

More often than not, what looks best in your home is what feels best to your soul. It is hard not to be curious about what’s trending. After all, trends are a great way to see what’s new and perhaps discover something you didn’t know existed. One of the most interesting recent trends is the indoor plant. Every home should look to incorporate indoor plants into their design. Plants look so lovely with most interiors, and also offer a lot of health benefits. Whilst potted plants look really nice in houses, some interiors might benefit more from a vertical wall garden instead. These wall gardens are pretty easy to set up and they look lovely when they’re finished. Wall gardens are really nice features to some homes, so it might be worth looking into them. Anyway, there are so many more trends this year. So here are some of my other favorite 2018 Interior Design Trends.


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